Rompn Press Kit
Rompn is a free platform and real-time hyperlocal Web app that lets people quickly broadcast and discover all the things going on near them.
  • Sign-up process takes less than 10 seconds. Username + password, no email required.
  • Post images, text, links, and/or geo-coordinates to the local feed or to a specific room.
  • Create polls and view responses in real-time.
  • Create a room based on your current location. Rooms typically represent physical locations such as stores or parks, but they can represent anything you want such as study groups, local news, or they can even be used to create local games.
  • Reply to posts.
  • Access a list of all the rooms near you. Each room contains posts related to the room.
  • A general local feed is accessible from any location. The local feed contains posts that were not made in specific Rompn rooms.
  • View a map of all the rooms closest to you.
  • View other locations anywhere in the world using the simple map option.
  • Access a 24-hour weather forecast.
  • Fave rooms that you love. This also allows you to quickly visit these rooms regardless of your location.
  • Access in-app notifications when people post in rooms you fave, or when people reply to posts in which you have participated.
  • View rooms in Simple Mode. This is designed especially for display on large screens such as TVs and projectors. Local businesses can use this mode to display posts and polls as they happen in real-time.
  • Hide posts or replies from anyone that you have blocked.
Fact Sheet
Company Information
Rompn® is owned and operated by Playgraph® LLC
Rompn in Three Words
Real-time Hyperlocal Information
Rompn's Mission
To inspire people to fall local in love with their community.
Local in Love™
David Sharek
Release Date
Rompn has not officially launched. It is currently in an open beta release for the Raleigh-Durham area in North Carolina.
Rompn is a Web app optimized for mobile devices. It works on all modern desktop and mobile browsers. including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
Desktop Devices: Macintosh and Windows
Mobile Devices: Apple iOS, Android, and Windows
Browsers: Desktop and mobile versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
Mobile App: iOS and Android versions are in development
The Web app is located at
The Rompn company page is located at
Company Location
Triangle Area, North Carolina, USA
Logos and Icons
Rompn Wordmark Logo

Size: 2.7MB Zip File. Colors: pink, black, white. Formats: AI, PDF, PNG

Rompn Heart Logo

Size: 2.6MB Zip File. Colors: pink, yellow, black, white. Formats: AI, PDF, PNG

Rompn Icon

Size: 1.3MB Zip File. Formats: AI, PDF, PNG

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