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Rompn FAQ
Why does Rompn exist?
Rompn was created to fulfil the mission of inspiring people to fall local in love with their community.
What is Rompn?
Rompn is a location-based Mobile and Desktop Web app that lets you find out about all the things going on near you as they happen in real-time.
What is Rompn in three words?
Real-time Hyperlocal Information
What makes Rompn different?
Rompn's mission is to connect people with each other based on their location and interests. When it comes to location-based content, we have discovered that context is key. In the Rompn app, people post photos and information to specific locations (we call them Rompn rooms).

Every post in a room is generally defined by the name of the room. For example, if there was a room called "/eastern-climbing-gym" then you would know that all the posts in that room would generally be about that climbing gym, or at least about climbing in general.

This benefits you by giving you full control over what posts you see. If you find a room that interests you then you can be confident that selecting it will only display posts that reflect the name of the room. This naturally filters out all the noise that often occurs in most location-based discovery apps.
How does Rompn work?
Rompn is designed to be extremly easy to use. Simply point your browser to and allow the app to find your location. You will instantly be able to view all the rooms around you. Rooms with the most recent activity are displayed first. You can also sort the list by rooms closest to you.
How much does Rompn cost?
Rompn is free!
Do I have to create an account?
Nope! You can view all Rompn content without creating an account. If you want to be fabulous and post content to let people know about cool stuff going on then you will need to create an account. Also, creating an account will give you superpowers by unlocking many other simple-yet-useful features.
How long does the sign-up process take?
4.37 seconds. We timed it! Seriously, all you need to provide is a username and password. No emails, no verification. Just get in and get on with it!
What happens if I forget my password?
You have the option to add your email address in your user profile page (accessible via the menu). Adding your email will let you reset your password. Be aware that if you add your email address, you will need to use it to sign-in to Rompn instead of using your username. And don't worry, we will never spam you. Promise.
Is Rompn anonymous?
Rompn is a pseudonymous social network meaning your identity is tied to whatever username you create. If you're concerned about anonymity, then don't use your real name as your username. Also, don't use a username that you already use in another social network. Finally, avoid any personally identifying information in your username such as birth year.
Do you have a mobile app?
Rompn is designed to work in your mobile browser. No need to download and constantly update yet another app.
Will you release a mobile app in the future?
Yes. It will be available by the time people really want it. :)
Can I use Rompn on my desktop or tablet?
Absolutely! Rompn works in virtually all modern browsers for both desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.
Why do I get a popup asking me to share my location?
Rompn is based on hyperlocal content. In order to show you all the cool things going on, you will need to let Rompn know where you are.

Pro-tip for the tinfoil inclined - you can still view a local feed without providing your location. Just manually select a location using the map feature in the menu.

Who's using Rompn?
Rompn is currently in beta in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina. Based on organic growth, other locations throughout the world are beginning to grow.
Does Rompn have an ambassador program?
Yes! Rompn is currently looking for amazing, talented, fun, and entrepreneurial people. If you're interested get in touch at work{at}rompn{dot}com and grab a spot to get in on the ground floor of this exciting opportunity to develop skills in marketing, product development, and community building.
I have an idea to make Rompn even better. What should I do?
Awesome! We welcome and invite all types of feedback. You can post it in the Rompn Feedback room or you can just drop us a message at feedback{at}rompn{dot}com.
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The Rompn service provides one of the easiest and fastest ways to help people find out about what's happening locally in real-time. Building upon this wealth of data, Rompn is developing a customer-engagement platform. This platform is specifically tailored to meet the ever-changing customer experience challenges that local businesses face on a daily basis.
Engage in authentic conversations with your customers in real-time

As a business owner or manager, reading reviews or comments about customer experiences that occurred in the past can be difficult to address. For example, if a customer posted that they were celebrating their birthday, wouldn't it be nice to provide a little something extra while they are still in your establishment? What if you could communicate and connect with your customers in real-time? What if you could engage in the present?

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If your business is located in the Raleigh-Durham area, then we especially want to hear from you! Get in touch with us today and learn how you can join other local businesses that are taking advantage of (and shaping) this rompn pilot program.

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